Chohan Law Associates is one of the best law firms that is associated with the most prominent solicitors & attorneys throughout Pakistan as well as abroad.The firm was founded in 2020.Our firm's associates are highly qualified and serve with the best of their expertise & knowledge in the best interest of clients.Our firm consists of a huge number of solicitors & attorneys who acquires a maximum level of proficiency in various fields of Law and presents a comprehensive range of legal services and intellectual property matters.Our firm comprises services like; Trademark registration, Copyright registration, Company registration, and NTN registration in Pakistan. Patent registration, Design registration,SECP filing, Taxation services etc.Chohan Law Associates firm's main purpose is to facilitate the client through every possible way including case Track System.Our firm also offers free legal consultation to new clients.Our clients can contact us anytime via various platforms.Our firm commits to deal with a diverse range of cases including criminal, civil, family,FIA,NAB,Customs, and banking etc across Pakistan.

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“ Chohan Law Core Services ”

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Our Core Services

Chohan Law Associates consist number of highly qualified attorneys who have done marvellous work in trademark registration and dealt with clients on various issues of trademark enterprises. Trademark protects items that distinguish or identify a particular business from another and brand names, symbols, sounds, or colours that are protected by intellectual property rights

Chohan Law Associates has obtained maximum knowledge and expertise in the field of copyright registration that offers exceptional legal assistance to its clients in securing & protecting their brand. It also helps in the protection of author/academic/researchers’ work by giving the ability to protect it from unlicensed or uncredited usage

Chohan Law Associates is considered as one of the top law firms which have performed brilliant work in Company Registration and assisted its clients in registering their companies across Pakistan. For further explanation and procedure of Registering Your Company please do not hesitate to contact us

Chohan Law Associates advises its clients on numerous matters regarding NTN Registration (National Tax Number). for registration NTN number process 13 digits Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) number will be used as NTN. Having an NTN Registration number gives you many benefits from the government

Chohan Law Associates help its customers in registering their business design as intellectual property asset and protects its clients’ registered designs or the appearance of products. Registration of designs is a very crucial part of the business which encourages fair competition and honest trade practices and promotes the production of a diverse range of aesthetically attractive products.

Chohan Law Associates provide an excellent service regarding Patent Registration and by Patent Registration, an inventor will have complete control over the invention. Thus, an inventor can protect their intellectual property from copying, selling or manufacturing their product. For these types of specific cases, our firm has an extended bulk of skilful attorneys who has specialisation in giving patentability advice, proposals and negotiations services

Chohan Law Associates assists their clients in every litigation process whether civil, criminal or family to best of their ability. Our attorneys have always tried to wind-up cases as early as possible.